Sonor Meisterklasse Package O

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Set of 10 Sonor Instruments includes:

Set Includes:
1 x SG 19 Soprano Glockenspiel
1 x TAG 19 Tenor-Alto Glockenspiel
2 x SKX 10 Soprano Xylophones
3 x TAKX 10 Tenor-Alto Xylophones
1 x GBKX 10 Bass Xylophone
1 x SKM 10 Soprano Metallophone
1 x TAKM 10 Tenor-Alto Metallophones

1 x SA1 Orff Stand ***FREE***

1 x BA2 Orff Stand ***FREE***

1 x GT1 Orff Stand ***FREE***

1 x KMP-AA Kinder Mallet Package A ***FREE***



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