2019-2020 MIE Digital Catalog!!!


Hello! Welcome to the 2019-2020 MIE digital catalog!

We at Music Is Elementary, In an effort to be environmentally conscious, have made the decision to do away with the traditional printed catalog, and decided to go all digital. In our ever changing retail environment, we wanted to give people the opportunity to continue to shop with us in a way that is still familiar, yet headed in a new direction. So we have created our new 2019-2020 catalog in the universally accepted .pdf file format. This allows anyone to access our catalog on any one of your favorite devices, Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphone, or tablet! And, supported on your favorite .pdf reader.

Here are just some of the benefits of our new digital format…

  • Type the item number, or any part of the name of a product into the search bar on your reader application to bring up all pages with that item on it.
  • Every part of our catalog is clickable! As long as you are connected to the internet, click on a product, and it will open your internet browser right to the product so you can add it to your shopping cart, and purchase it right away! Or, click on an email address, and you can send an inquiry right to us in your mail application!
  • Save our catalog in your favorite place on your device so you can look at it at the touch of a button
  • Highlight, and bookmark, and notate comments and remarks on particular products for your reference
  • Share our catalog with your friends, or family via email, or NFC technology.


The possibilities are endless in digital format! Plus, if you still prefer to have physical pages to flip through, you can always download the file and print it out for your convenience! Or, download the Flash enabled version for a more realistic page turn feel. (Note: You must have a Flash-enabled browser, or Flash plugin, and an internet connection to be able to view this version.)


We thank you for your commitment through this transition, and hope you have a great shopping experience with us this coming year!

Please note: Check out the product pages on our website for the latest pricing!