Bass Xylophone, Rosewood Bars


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Educational instruments for price-conscious instructors

All Studio 49 1600 Series xylophones come with a solid multi-chamber resonator boxes, flexible pins, and durable fabric covered cording under the bars. The compact design makes this instrument ideal for any age music classroom, and the integrated handles are perfect for easy transportation or for mounting the instruments on mobile stands.

16 bars (6 bars 36 x 20 mm, 10 bars 32 x 18 mm) made of bright Rosewood with a tonal range of C – A1.

Includes F# and Bb bars and 1 Pair of S 33 mallets.

The Series 1600 instruments fill every need for professional music lessons. These instruments are available from soprano to bass range, in both diatonic and chromatic models.

The high quality bars and complex chambers in alto and bass range create ample volume and rich, strong sound.

The Series 1600 instruments in the bass range are very compact. A patented design has made the resonance box significantly smaller than those of traditional instruments.

The xylophone and metallophone models of the Series 1600 have very stable resonance boxes made of 12mm varnished pine. The handles of these instruments make transportation simple and serve as supports for the mobile instrument stands.

Studio 49’s 1600 Series mid-level instruments feature the same pine resonator boxes used the 2000 series instruments but have utilize a different type of bar to further enhance your budget. Bright hardwood bar simulates the look and sound of Rosewood without the cost associated with Studio 49’s premium 2000 Series instruments. Bass diatonic instrument includes: F#, Bb bars and 1 pair of S3 mallets.



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