Package 2000D

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Studio 49 – Series 2000 Package 2000D

  • Set of 7 Instruments with Grillodur Bars
    1. SXG2000 – Soprano Xylophone
    2. SM2000 – Soprano Metallophone
    3. SGD – Soprano Glockenspiel
    4. AXG2000 – Alto Xylophone
    5. AM2000 – Alto Metallophone
    6. AGD – Alto Glockenspiel
    7. BXG2000 – Bass Xylophone

“I remember as a very young child being with my parents in Carl Orff’s composing room. That’s where STUDIO 49 began, and it’s been in our family’s hands ever since.”
—Bernd Becker-Ehmck, owner



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