DVD 3: Living Ethnic Dances (Blue)


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Dance along with Sanna Longden as she reviews 10 folk dances for all levels of learners, in live teaching situations, along with scenes from contemporary ethnic communities performing and enjoying similar dances. DVD includes the following:

Dances With Hand Motions:

Aloha Kakahiaka (Hawai’ian hula), PreK-3rd, a hapa haole hula for boys and girls

Highlife/Pandoga* (West African/Carib), 3rd-adult, a circle dance with movements from everyday life and possibilities for creativity

Tokyo Dontaku* (Japan), K-adult, the traditional Bon dance shown on "Favorite Folk Dances" video/DVD, but with sit-down modification for younger children

Special Teaching Progression:

Tinikling* (Philippines), 5th-adult, detailed instruction for this famous bamboo-pole danceDances of the Multinational Jewish People:

Tzlil Zugim* (Israel), 6th-adult, a lyrical circle dance with Yemenite styling

Ya’abud (Israel), 4th-adult, a strong line dance showing Arabic debky movements

Bulgar (Eastern European Jewish), 9th-adult, a set dance for groups of fours

The Matzorena (novelty dance), 6th-adult, an ethnic spoof on a popular dance (This dance, complete with instructions, can be ordered from the audio tape section of this website)

Dances from the Balkans and Greece:

Niska Banja/Duj Duj*(Serbia), 6th-adult, an intriguing line dance in 7/8 meter

Seljancica* (Croatia/Serbia), 3rd-adult, line/circle dance from neighboring cultures with increasing tempo

Servihasapikos (Greece), 6th-adult, popular line dance similar to the hora

Grade levels are only suggestions; you know your students best.

*Music for these dances can be found on Sanna’s CD #1. Music for the other dances is on CD #1-1/2.


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