DVD 1: Favorite Folk Dances of the 7 Continents Vol. 1 (Red)


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Dance along with Sanna Longden as she reviews 12 enjoyable ethnic dances in live teaching situations with children, educators, families and folk dancers. DVD includes the following dances:

Getting Started:

Good Old Days (U.S.), 4th-adult, hand-jive to Charleston music

Bluebird (U.S.), K-2nd, traditional singing game with "trains"

Yesh Lanu Taish* (Israel), 3rd-8th, a favorite longways, with creative possibilities

Twelfth Street Rag (U.S.), 5th-adult, jazzy dance for twos or more

Agadu* (Israel), 1st-4th, fun circle that needs good listening

Happy Holidays:

Jingle Bells (U.S./Holland), K-8th, holiday mixer adaptable for all ages

Here Comes Santa in a Red Canoe (Hawai’i), 1st-5th, holiday hula

Sevivon* (Hanukah dance), K-5th, adaptable dreidl dance for partners

Hanukah Hora (Israel), 5th-adult, basic hora pattern not just for Hanukah

Multicultural Curriculum Connections:

Bongo* (West Africa), K-6th, follow-the-leader circle game to drum music

Tokyo Dontaku* (Japan), 4th-adult, traditional Bon circle dance

Huayno* (Andean Mountains), 4th-adult, traditional group and/or partner dance

Grade levels are only suggestions; you know your students best.

A syllabus of dance descriptions is included.

*Music for these dances can be found on Sanna’s CD #1. Music for the other dances is on CD #1-1/2.


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