DVD 5: Historic and Contemporary Dances (Cinnamon)


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Dance along with Sanna Longden as she teaches 12-plus traditional dances for all levels of learners in live teaching situations. This exciting DVD offers historic social dances from two U.S. colonial cultures, as well as some English ancestors of these dances and some play-party and country-western descendants. DVD includes the following dances:

Grand March, 3rd-adult, Processional for as many as will (western Europe, United States and international-from ancient times to today)

Constant Billy, 6th-adult, Cotswold Morris Dance-Longways for 6 people (southern England–from ancient times)

The Peopleton Stick Dance, 5th-adult, Border Morris Dance – Longways for 6-8 people (western England-from ancient times) and its descendant Pop Goes the Weasel

Jenny Pluck Pears, 6th-adult, English Country Dance – Round for 3 couples (England and U.S. eastern seaboard colonial–16th-18th centuries)

The Sir Roger de Coverley, 4th-adult, English Country Dance (adapted and traditional version) – Longways for 5-6 couples (England and U.S. eastern seaboard colonial–16th-18th centuries)

The Virginia Reel, 3rd-adult, Contra Dance–Longways for 4-6 couples (U.S. Frontier–18th-19th centuries)

La Belle Catherine/The Muffin Man/Pam & Pat Reel, 4th-adult, Contra Dance arranged in eastern U.S. colonial style–Longways for 4-6 couples (U.S. eastern seaboard Colonial and Frontier–18th-19th centuries)

The Minuet, 5th-adult, Partner dance arranged for classroom and social dance groups-Column of couples for as many as will (western Europe and eastern U.S.-18th century)

El Vals de los Panos, 5th-adult, Progressive dance with kerchiefs, Trios facing trios (southwest Spanish-American colonial U.S.–18yh-19th centuries)

Cotton-Eyed Joe, 4th-adult, Country or Tex-Mex dance-Group and partner versions (Texas-Mexican Border-late 19th century to present)

Country-Western Line Dance to "Boot Scootin’ Boogie and others, 4th-adult, Lines of individuals facing the same direction (general U.S.–late 20th century)

Country Western Line Dance to "I Love a Rainy Night" and others, 4th-adult, Partners facing in longways sets or scattered (general U.S.-late 20th century)

Grade levels are only suggestions; you know your students best.

Syllabus of dance descriptions is included.

Music for all of the dances on this video can befound on Sanna’s CD #2.


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