DVD 4: Maypole and Mexican Dances (Green)


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Dance along with Sanna Longden as she reviews 13 folk dances, for all levels of learners, in live teaching situations. This DVD offers dances for three spring holidays, including an Irish ceilidh dance. DVD includes the following dances:

Maypole Plaiting Dances (schoolchildren to grandparents):

Circling or Barber’s Pole (Traditional English/European), no weaving–just circling

Spider Web (Traditional English/European), one group weaves as the other stands

Simple Plaiting/Grand Right & Left (Traditional English/European), both groups at the same time

Diamonds in the Sky (by Terrance Smith), a pattern with partners

Other Dances Around the Maypole (upper elementary to adult)

Sellenger’s Round (Renaissance/Baroque England), circle of couples with traditional English pattern

Gathering Peascods (Renaissance/Baroque England), energetic circle of couples

A Community English May Day Celebration (all ages), a wonderful day of festivities with Maypole, Morris and Sword, Hobby Horse, and other traditional activities, ending with a May song

Double Plaiting (plus some of the dances above), two to a ribbon

Dances of Mexico:

La Raspa (Novelty-Mexico and other countries), all ages, NOT the Mexican hat dance

La Raspa (Traditional-Northern Mexico), 4th-adult, same song-different pattern

Los Machetes (Arranged stick dance-Jalisco), 4th-adult, individuals in a circle

Los Machetes (Arranged partner dance-Jalisco), 2nd-adult, a partner mixer

Tonanzin (Pre-Hispanic Aztec), K-adult, using maracas with improvisation

Irish Ceilidh Dance:

Siege of Carrick (Traditional Irish set dance), 3rd-adult, progressive for four

Grade levels are only suggestions; you know your students best.

Syllabus of dance descriptions is included.

Music for all the dances on ths video can be found on Sanna’s CD #2.


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