Brain-Compatible Dance Education


By Anne Green Gilbert


This all-encompassing text will tell you everything you need to know about teaching brain-based, engaging, and foolproof dance classes to infants through adults. It is a great companion to Anne’s popular book, Creative Dance For All Ages. The Overview chapter reviews brain research and then describes how to effectively present holistic dance lessons, using a 5-part lesson plan, to engage learners and to think as well as to move. The five main chapters include complete information on the BrainDance; new conceptual explorations and improvisations; many movement combinations for all ages, circle dances and folk dances; choreographic springboards and tools; cooling down, reflection, and assessment ideas. Explorations and combinations described connect with music suggestions from Eric Chappelle’s Music for Creative Dance 4 CD series. Appendices include Assessment Rubrics, Brain Development, Patterns of Coordination, Motif Notation, Resources, and more! Published by the National Dance Association/AAHPERD in 2006, 360 pp.


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