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In this engaging new 2 DVD set Anne Green Gilbert and her students (infants through seniors) demonstrate over 25 variations of the BrainDance, an exercise that moves through eight fundamental movement patterns that wire the central nervous system in the first year of life. This resource includes the original DVD demonstrating 8 foundational BrainDances (83 minutes) as well as a brand new DVD demonstrating 19 different variations (120 minutes). Variations include new rhymes for young children and infants, using props, standing with and without partners, sitting in chairs, integrating dance concepts, folk dance, floor barre, and much more. Included in the two DVD package is a booklet with detailed information about brain development and the rationale behind the BrainDance.

Developed by Anne Green Gilbert, the BrainDance is a series of exercises comprised of eight developmental movement patterns that healthy human beings naturally move through in the first year of life. As babies, we did these movements on our tummies, sides, and back on the floor. However, cycling through these patterns at any age, daily or weekly while sitting or standing, has been found to be beneficial in reorganizing our central nervous system. Repeating these patterns over time may help us fill in any missing gaps in our neurological system due to birth trauma, illness, environment, head injury or not enough floor time as a baby. The BrainDance offers benefits such as improved mood, reduced stress, increased alertness and concentration. It can be used at home by yourself or with the family, at school, or in the office, as well as in the dance studio. The BrainDance may be used as a warm-up for any physical or cognitive activity; before tests, performances, and presentations; after sitting for long periods of time; as a break during computer work and TV watching; and to increase energy and reduce stress. It is a centering body/brain movement tool for brain reorganization, sensory integration, oxygenation, and recuperation.


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