Handy Play Party Book

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Edited by Cecilia Riddell


3″ x 7″ spiral bound book of 93 American songs from pioneer tradition, each song with easy-to-follow directions for the movements (group dance patterns). Line and circle formations match up with many familiar songs – Oh! Susannah, Yankee Doodle, Bingo, and Jim Along Josie. Melodies are notated¬†with lyrics.

A-G: Across the Hall, Alabama Girl, All Join Hands, Arkansas Cake Walk, Balance 4, Bear Over the Mountain, Bingo, Bingo the Dog, Bluebird, Bow Belinda, Brown-Eyed Mary, Candy Gal, Captain Jinks, Cedar Swamp, Charlet, Cissy in the Bond, Come My Love, Comin’ Round the Mountain, Cross Snap, Doughboy, Down the River, Down to London, Duke of York, Dusty Miller, Early Month of May, First Old Gent, 5 Tinkers, 4 in a Boat, Gents to the Center, Girl I Left Behind Me, Girl’s A-Fooling, Goin’ to Boston, Going Down to Cairo, Great Big House, Green Coffee, Green Gravel

H-N: Happy Is the Miller, I Want to Be a Farmer, In & Out the Window, Irish Trot, Jennie Crack Corn, Jim Along Josie, Jingle at the Windows, Jingle Bells, Johnny O’Brown, Jolly Miller, Jubilee, Ladies to the Center, Little White Daisies, Looby Loo, Miller, Miss Maggie, Needle’s Eye, Nobody’s Business

O-R: O Charley, Oh She’s Gone, Oh Susanna, Ohio Needle’s Eye, Ol’ Bald Eagle, Old Betty Larkin, Old Brass Wagon, Old Dan Tucker, Old Doc Jones, Old Quebec, Old Tom Puncheon, Paw Paw Patch, Pig in the Parlor, Pop Goes the Weasel, Promenade the Hall, Push the Business On, Right Hand Bow, Roll That Brown Jug, Round Town Girls

S-Z: Sally Down the Alley, Sandy Land, Shoo Fly, Simmons, Skating Away, Skip to My Lou, Somebody’s Waiting, Sweetheart A-Hunting, Swing on the Corner, Susan Brown, Tea Rye Riley, Tuli-lule, Turn the Glasses Over, 2 Dukes A-Roving, West Virginia Cakewalk, Willis Ballroom, Workin’ on the Railroad, Yankee Doodle, Your Best Liking

1 review for Handy Play Party Book

  1. Cecilia Riddell

    This play party book is a big collection of pioneer sung/dances
    in pocket-book size, From the original (1940) edition this
    Lynn Rohrbough material has been revised by ‘Cecilia Riddell in 1962,makinng easier to read.Great for school teachers recreation leaders, dance groups, churches, p.e. programs, etc.

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