White Belt Dojo (Kit w/ CD)


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by Paul Jennings & John Riggio.

If you are working with a reward system tied to your recorder method, you know that sometimes it is a while between rewards, so there is a chance for waning interest. Enter White Belt Dojo. This new collection of graded, easy songs is ideal for using these systems, like the belt system in our extremely popular method, Recorder Karate.

Use this group of songs in many ways. You can, for instance, use these songs to replace any or all of the nine songs used in your reward method, allowing your students to progress more slowly, but be regularly rewarded for their progress. Or, you can let these precede and/or fit between songs in the method, giving special rewards, like the two-color belts offered by Plank Road Publishing.

The songs are all relatively short, with brief introductions and endings that make them ideal for testing multiple students.

The songs are presented progressively, starting with just B and A, and none of the songs use more than the notes B, A, and G.

The songs are a combination of well-known tunes, newly arranged, as well as new compositions by John Riggio and Paul Jennings, who are specialists at creating music that young students enjoy playing.


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