Extreme Recorders (Kit w/ CD)


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A Collection for Young Players by M.C. Handel

M.C. Handel is going to the extreme with Extreme Recorders. This collection brings together five delightful recorder songs that make learning to play the recorder wild and exciting! This intriguing collection includes: JitterBAG: The first piece in this collection focuses on the notes B, A, and G. An excellent choice for the beginning recorder player. The lively swing style is reminiscent of the jitterbug dance tunes from the 1930s and 40s. Rahther Jolly Olde St. Nicholas: M.C. Handel concocts a new arrangement that allows your beginning recorder players to sing and play along with the accompaniment of a lovely orchestra of strings, brass and percussion. The melody uses the notes D, E, G, A, and B. Leonardo

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