Virtual Recorders (Kit w/ CD)


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by M.C. Handel

Here’s another fantastic recorder collection from M.C. Handel which brings together five terrific songs that virtually everyone will love!

Included: BAG-O-Saurus-primitive modal rock featuring B, A, and G…great to start the year.

Ode to Joy-Beethoven’s dramatic theme in a distinctive setting with orchestra requiring only G, A, B, C and D. CAGE

Full O’ Blues-Real live blues with a great blues band, using E, G, A and C.

Warp Factor Five-Go where no recorder has gone before, using E, G, A, B, and D, with great sci-fi rock effects that are certain to make this a student favorite.

Serengeti Wind-An intriguing safari featuring authentic African instruments and rhythms in the background while your students play G, A, B, C and D quarter notes and half notes.


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