Step on the Beat (Book/DVD/CD)


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Rhythms and Rhymes to Get Kids Moving by Kate Kuper.

Join master educator and dance instructor Kate Kuper in her newest set of creative dances. This all-inclusive dance resource comes complete with a guided-lesson book, performance and accompaniment tracks, and a DVD in which Kate and her students share every step of the creative dance journey. You and your students will love these easy-to-follow activities that incorporate music, dance, and physical education concepts. Special features include “Step It Up!” activities to make the dances more challenging and “Tie it Together” ideas for connecting dance with other core-curriculum subjects. There are also entertaining “Kate Says” quotes from the instructor to help you avoid pitfalls. If you haven’t had a chance to dance with Kate Kuper, it’s time to “Step on the Beat” with her!


  • Apples and Oranges
  • Clap Along Song
  • Stick Together
  • Opposites
  • Step on the Beat
  • Hinging
  • Over the Top
  • Shape Maker/Shape Explorer
  • Tips and Tricks


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