Step Lively 1 (Book/CD)


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Dances for Schools and Family collected and arranged by Marian Rose

This is a solid collection of social dances for children and families filled with delightful dances of varied difficulty. Comes with a CD of recordings on real, live (not synthesized) instruments, just like you’d hear at a live community dance. Clear dance directions and grade level recommendations make this a perfect resource for the teacher new to leading dances or the experienced teacher looking for great dances with quality recordings.


1. Kinderpolka

2. Can’t Jump Josie

3. Seven Jumps

4. Ach Ja!

5. Bingo

6. Caimarusa

7. Sasha!

8. Ozark Rag

9. Alphabet Soup

10. Grand March

11. Rick’s Mixer

12. Blobs

13. Virginia Reel

14. Trains

15. Weaver’s Galopede

16. Alice Lake

17. Sanita Hill Circle

18. Northern Friends

19. Barn Dance

20. Family Waltz

Tracks on the CD:

1. Reel Medley

2. Kinderpolka

3. River Song (Can’t Dance Josie)

4. Seven Jumps

5. Ach Ja!

6. Bingo

7. Caimarusa

8. Sasha!

9. Ozark Rag

10. Grand March Medley

11. Jig Medley

12. Barn Dance Medley (with calls)

13. Barn Dance Medley (without calls)

Red Rose Waltz


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