Everyone Can Move (Book)


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by Laurie Farnan and Faith Johnson.

All people can actively participate in music, and every person’s life can be better for it. This is the philosophy behind this collection of music and activities that promotes movement and motor development for those with special needs. Developed by two of America’s respected and creative Music Therapists, this collection serves as a practical guide to designing successful music experiences for everyone, regardless of their physical or mental abilities or limitations. Each of the 19 songs features a single movement-oriented goal, a suggested teaching plan and additional activities.

Showtrax Accompaniment CD is available.

For Grades 1-6.


Hold On

Loosen Up


March Right Up

Look And See

Wake Up

Touch The Drum


Feet Song

Walk And Follow

Musical Rope Game

Rope Bells


Who’s Going Under The Parachute?

Move Like This

With The Music

Are You Ready?

Resting,It’s Time For Resting

Hand In Hand


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