Shenanigans’ Dance Music for Children, Level 1 (CD/Booklet)


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The original Shenanigans release is still going strong. Ever popular folk dances designed to nurture a love of music and dance. Eighteen tracks including Shoemakers’ Dance, Troika, Nigun Atik. Booklet of dance steps, activities and opportunities for percussion accompaniment. CD/booklet include:

O’Carolan’s Draught (Irish)

Cross Dance (Polish)

Indo Eu (Portuguese)

Seven Jumps (Danish)

Shoemakers’ Dance (Polish)

Lou Pripet (France)

Troika (Russian)

Polonaise (Polish)

Cherkassia (Ukrainian)

Savila Se Bela Loza (Serbian)

Doudlebska Polka (Czechoslovakian)

Le Torototelle (Italian)

Kryzachok (Byelorussian)

Fjaskern (Scandinavian)

and Nigun Atik (Israeli).


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