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A Collection of Creative Songs for Movement by Teresa Jennings.

Every year teachers tell us which tunes they and their kids have enjoyed most in Music K-8. Invariably, many of these songs are Teresa’s creative movement-based creations. In this valuable collection, we have assembled eight of the most popular songs from recent years. They are in a variety of styles, and each lends itself to simple, enjoyable movement for the whole class. This great collection includes:

Pick Up Your Feet – A lively rock tune guaranteed to create energy with any class. We have included movement suggestions on the music itself, that are easy to learn. You can use them exactly as they are, or you can adapt them, change them, or rewrite them completely.

Dance With Your Hands – Dance the macarena to a wild mix of big band jazz, percussion, and Middle Eastern flavors… and it’s easy to sing! This one is sure to get your kids up and moving.

Line Dance – Teachers everywhere are telling us how much fun they’ve had with this song! Instructions for learning an entertaining line dance are built right into the lyrics of this spirited creation. The authentic accompaniment tracks will have Billy Ray Cyrus eating his achy breaky heart out!

Conga Line – Push back the chairs and form a conga line. Every kid, young and old, should know what a conga line is and have a chance to take part in the fun – and by golly, this is just the song to give them (and you!) that chance. The simple lyrics and sizzling recorded tracks will make everyone want to join in.

Rhythm Express – Amazingly, this one combines trains with jazz. Big band sounds and interesting vocal sounds make this a tune you can use with almost any age group with lively success.

Put On Your Shoes – Full of aerobic energy, this lively tune is simple enough that kids can sing and move at the same time. You can let your students dance throughout the song, or save it for the specific movement sections in the song.

My Shadow – A real change of pace, this cool swing tune is a great alternative around Groundhog’s Day… or any other time of year. This one is fun to both sing and dance to!

Wave Goodbye – Short and simple, this catchy song invites movements from your youngest singers and is certain to hold their focus at the end of class.

The Teacher’s Handbook comes with Piano/Vocal parts, Reproducible Student Parts and Lyric Pages (with full rights to reproduce as many copies as you need), and teaching ideas for each of the featured songs.


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