MIE175W: 1 Piece Soprano Recorder

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  • One Piece construction is ideal for beginning recorder students
  • Curved windway for optimal tone and control
  • Ideal for students and teachers looking to stretch their musical budget
  • Available in white finish only
  • Includes heavy duty zipper case, cleaning rod and fingering chart
  • Baroque Fingering

    4 reviews for MIE175W: 1 Piece Soprano Recorder

    1. Robin H

      I fully agree with all the other reviews about the intonation of this instrument being sharp!! If not for that one issue this would be our go-to recorder because of price and the convenient zipper case.

    2. Lori

      I have purchased this brand for years, but lately they have been just too out of tune. The sharpness, combined with the overblowing by students that is so hard to avoid, dries me crazy. I have started trying other brands. I always appreciated the low price, but cannot commit to this purchase anymore with it being out of tune.

    3. Scott Burzynski

      I definitely agree with the reviewer above. If it wasn’t for the price point on this recorder, our district wouldn’t be able to provide all 3rd graders with their own recorders each year. However they are definitely sharp, making it difficult to play along with Orff instruments. We order these recorders every year, and curiously, some years the batch we get are more in tune than other years. It’s enough of an issue that I’m looking into fundraising so we can purchase recorders that are more reliably in tune than these.

    4. Andrew Krape

      This recorder is nice because it is inexpensive and durable. I have used it with my students for 6 years and since it is one piece, they are not able to take it apart. However, it plays sharp as it is too short. I am forced to play half a step higher then the recorder on the piano when I accompany my students. Some of this has to do with students over blowing, but much can be attributed to the instrument itself. The big selling point is the price on this particular instrument. This is why it is getting 3 star review.

      • MIE 2

        Andrew, thank you for your honest review! We will take your critique into consideration on future production of our recorder line.

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