MIE Consort Series Recorder



  • Garklein: 1-piece, Key of C
  • Sopranino: 2-piece, Key of F
  • Soprano: 3-piece, Key of C
  • Alto: 3-piece, Key of F
  • Tenor: 3-piece, Key of C
  • Bass: 3-piece, Key of F
  • 4-Piece Recorder Set: Sopranino, Soprano, Alto and Tenor
  • 5-Piece Recorder Set:¬†Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass

Music is Elementary’s full line of premium quality recorders have a matte black finish and other features that rival more expensive wood recorders. The arched wind way allows for ease of play and consistent tone in all registers to make the MIE Consort Series the perfect choice for players of any level. The rich warm tone will enhance any professional recorder ensemble. The soprano model has improved design for better intonation. Each model includes deluxe leatherette case, cleaning rod and fingering chart. Baroque fingering. Color of cases may vary.

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Weight 0.0000 lbs

Garklein, Sopranino, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Soprano, 4-Piece Set, 5-Piece Set


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