MIE205: 2 Piece, Renaissance Soprano Recorder with Strap




Best Seller!  MIE Renaissance Soprano Recorder  – the finest student recorder in the industry! Includes clear zipper carry case, fingering chart and cleaning rod.


  • Best Intonation
  • Baroque Fingering
  • 2 Piece
  • Zippered Case
  • Curved Windway
  • Multiple Colors
  • Corked Joint Design
  • Fixed-Length Recorder Strap

“The MIE 205 Renaissance recorder fits comfortably in the children’s hands, is easy to get a sweet sound from, and has a very accessible low range.  Whether you start on C’ A, GE, or BAG (I’ve done them all!) this recorder helps attain a lovely tone quality.”


-Sarah H. Hassler

Music Specialist, Cherry Elementary School

AOSA Approved Orff Schulwerk Teacher Trainer

Internationally Respected Orff Schulwerk and Choral Clinician

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Blue, Green, Ivory Baroque, Ivory German, Purple, Red


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