CD 2: More Folk Dance Music


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Dance music on this CD, by Sanna Longden, includes all of the dances on Video/DVD #4 (Maypole & Mexican Dances for Kids & Teachers-Green) and Video/DVD #5 (Historic & Contemporary Dances for Kids & Teachers-Cinammon) as follows:

Boot Scootin Boogie (Video/DVD #5)

Constant Billy (Video/DVD #5)

Cotton-Eyed Joe (Video/DVD #5)

El Vals de los Panos (Video/DVD #5)

Gathering Peascods (Video/DVD #4)

Grand March (Video/DVD #5)

Huitzilopochtli (Video/DVD #4) – Alternate music for Tonanzin

I Love a Rainy Night (Video/DVD #5)

Jenny Pluck Pears (Video/DVD #5)

La Bell Catherine/Muffin Man (Video/DVD #5)

La Raspa (Video/DVD #4)

Los Machetes (Video/DVD #4)

Maypole Music (Video/DVD #4)

The Minuet (Video/DVD #5)

The Peopleton Stick Dance (Video/DVD #5)

Sellenger’s Round (Video/DVD #4)

Siege of Carrick (Video/DVD #4)

The Sir Roger de Coverly (Video/DVD #5)

Tonanzin (Video/DVD #4)

The Virginia Reel (Video/DVD #5)

A syllabus of dance descriptions is also included.

Music on this CD can also be found on the green audio tape (for dance music on Video/DVD #4) and on the cinammon audio tape (for dance music on Video/DVD #5)


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