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Nine No-Fail Dances and Singing Games for Children edited by Andy Davis, Mary Cary Brass, Peter and Mary Alice Amidon.

Dances and Singing Games for Childrenselected from New England Dancing Masters’ previously published collections

The New England Dancing Masters are internationally celebrated for bringing traditional Anglo/American dances and singing games to untold numbers of children and adults of all ages. Their workshops have trained thousands of music teachers, physical education teachers, recreation leaders, and dance callers throughout the US and the world.

Alabama Gal contains nine favorite selections from the 100+ dances and singing games in the New England Dancing Masters five current collections, all together in one convenient volume.

Alabama Gal includes complete written instructions, a DVD demonstrating the dances, and an audio CD to accompany the dancing.

This invaluable resource is certain to delight kids and grown-ups alike, bringing time-tested dances and singing games to new generations.

Contents: Old Brass Wagon (singing game, circle of partners) ∑ Highland Gates (singing game/circle, no partners) ∑ Noble Duke of York (singing game/dance, longways set) ∑ Sasha (scatter mixer dance) ∑ Chimes of Dunkirk (longways dance) ∑ Heel & Toe Polka 9circle mixer dance) ∑ Kings & Queens (longways dance) ∑ Alabama Gal (singing game/dance, longways set) ∑ Circassian Circle (circle mixer dance)

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