Windsongs Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs: Book 1


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by Birthe Kulich and Joe Berarducci.

Introduction to the soprano recorder. Playing and singing with the range BAG. Notations: From sol-fa to Directed to Traditional Notation.

Designed for classroom or individual instruction and suitable for children aged six to ten. May also be used as a workbook as there are multiple tasks and exercises to be completed. The illustrations are bold and are designed to be coloured by the student. Lyrics are included for most songs and parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate.

Contents include:Practice Record ” Introduction ” Recorder Diagrams ” Recorder Care “First Steps in Playing ” Introduction of mi, re, do “songs “First Try” ; “Your Turn” and “Evening Song” “Repeat sign; Directional Notation using mi, re, do with “Evening Song” ” Note Names B A G “Note Names for “First Try”; “Your Own Tune”; and “Evening Song” “The Staff ” “Sailing” ” Finding Lines and Spaces ” Treble Clef (G Clef) ” Writing B A G on the staff “”Bonnie Bee”; “The Wind” ” Time Pattern (2) ” “Polka Hop” ” Adding Bar Lines ” “March” “Time Pattern (4) ” “Hot Cross Buns” ” “Snow” ” “Allelu” ” “Rondin Picotin” ” “Hop Old Squirrel” “and supplementary songs using B A G:”Long Legged Sailor” ” “Come, Come and Dance” ” “Who’s that Yonder?” ” “Old Dog” ” “Old MIster Mitch” ” 3 Verses and 3 Tunes ” “The Clown” ” and “Taking Turns” ” plus 3 staff-lined pages for additional practise exercises


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