Whacky Fun 3 (Book/CD)


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by Teresa Jennings, Paul Jennings, John Riggio, and Karl Hitzemann.

The "whacky fun" continues with Whacky Fun 3! You know how much your students love BoomwhackersÆ. Well, here’s another terrific collection of songs from the pages of Music K-8 magazine that feature those popular, colorful instruments.

Whacky Halloween – This piece was written for voices and BoomwhackersÆ. And if playing BoomwhackersÆ wasn’t fun enough, your singers will get to do some silly, spooky sound effects, too!

Carol Of The BoomwhackersÆ – This somewhat "whacky" arrangement of "Carol Of The Drum" has been invented for use with these wonderful, pitched plastic tubes. Thanks to the disco style, it is easy to feel and hear the beat on the recording – always an important element in BoomwhackerÆ playing!

La Boomba! – Okay, so everyone groaned when they heard the title of this song. But it’s so perfect for vocals and BoomwhackersÆ, we just couldn’t resist. Yes, it’s an imitation of that other song, but it’s really pretty different. The vocal melody is very easy and the lyrics are even easier. And this arrangement comes with many options to help spice it up. Your students will have a great time.

Whacky Chopstix – "Chopsticks" is certainly one of the most recognizable piano pieces around. And while it’s not the most singable tune, it does lend itself extremely well to BoomwhackersÆ. Our arrangement features BoomwhackersÆ playing the "primo" part of the piano duet. There is also an optional Bass BoomwhackerÆ part that acts as the "secondo" part.

Boom! – "Boom!" was written to be a lighthearted, goofy way to incorporate BoomwhackersÆ with vocals. And you can even have your students play rhythm band instruments – sticks, shakers, drums, etc. – with their own made-up patterns to become part of the fabric of the groove.

All of these songs come with amazing recorded tracks, and the kit includes the right to reproduce as many copies of the music as you need. Also these great arrangements work well with any solo instrument, especially Orff and simple keyboard percussion instruments.


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