BWhacky Tracks: The Musical (Demo DVD)


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"The First Ever Boomwhackers Musical" by Bradley Bonner.

In this musical, the Boomwhackers are mainly used for actions, mimicking the movements and characteristics of the animals.

The message of the story: It takes everyone to solve a problem. Two anteaters go to the their water hole and discover that it has dried up. Deciding they must find another place to quench their thirst, but being afraid to go on the journey by themselves, they enlist the help of a brave lion to lead the way. While traveling through a canyon to the new water hole, they find their path blocked by a huge boulder. With the help of a giraffe, an elephant, an alligator, and a troop of monkeys, the boulder is moved. To their surprise, the anteaters discover that the boulder could not have been moved without everyone’s help, even their own. The animals sing a song of celebration as they make their way to the new water hole for a long refreshing drink.

There are songs for each of the featured animals, with Boomwhackers activities and choreography suitable for K to grade 3 performers. The songs can stand on their own or be combined to present the musical. The included CD features practice tracks and performance (accompaniment) tracks for each song and scene; so that you may choose to use the CD narration and have your students perform the songs, or else have the students perform the complete musical. The book gives the melody line, lyrics, and movement directions for each song, as well as teaching suggestions and simple costume ideas.

Boomwhackers needed: diatonic set of 8 Boomwhackers.


Script Notes

In the Jungle




Tall Necks



Friends Like You

In the Jungle (reprise)

Performance Notes

Costume Suggestions


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