Trebled Words Bingo


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Trebled Words Bingo
By Nancy Otto
Interactive CD-ROM with Print and Play option
Grades 3-6

Trebled Words Bingo is a tag-team style bingo game, intended to review and reinforce students’ knowledge of the letter names of the notes on the treble clef staff.

When played on an interactive white board, two bingo cards will appear on the screen – one for each of the two teams the class is divided into. Using the Print and Play calling cards, the instructor will hold up a card. Students will find the square on their team’s card that corresponds to the calling card, and touch it to make the bingo marker appear. If a mistake is made, simply touch the square again to make the marker go away. Once a person has had a turn, they proceed to the back of their team’s line. The first team to cover 5 squares diagonally, vertically or horizontally wins.


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