Detective Decrescendo and the Hunt for Favorite Melodies


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Detective Decrescendo and the Hunt for Favorite Melodies: A Seek & Circle Game by Barbara Meeks and Bonnie Krueger.

Music lovers of all ages will enjoy discovering the stories of some of music’s most famous melodies as they help Detective Decrescendo with his seek-and-circle investigations. Each of the ten “cases” in this appealing book starts with an illustrated scene based on the melody. Each scene is surrounded by various clues and pictures-from blue whales to maps to cowboys. The case is solved after all of the hidden artifacts are found. As a classroom activity, pre- and early readers can look for the hidden objects, while older students can read the facts about each melody as they search. Also, a list of additional artifacts is provided as an option to extend the activity. All of the puzzles are reproducible, as is the included page of badges you can use to promote your students to the rank of Melody Detective. And there’s no need to limit the fun to the classroom-anyone who enjoys seek-and-find puzzles will find it hard to resist joining in the hunt!


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