There’s a Hole in the Bucket (CD)


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by John Feierabend / Jill Trinka

The great American folk songs and rhymes on this new CD has enthralled young people for generations.

This recording embodies the true spirit of these songs, delightfully sung by Jill Trinka and accompanied by a wide variety of acoustic instruments, including guitar, dulcimer, autoharp, piano, percussion, string bass, and violin.

The enclosed illustrated booklet includes complete lyrics and song directions. And all of the performances are in step with John M. Feierabendís philosophy of providing a nurturing environment for musical growth. Children and their families are sure to enjoy this and the other imaginative and engaging CDs drawn from Johnís eight collections of folk songs for kids ages three and up.

Contents: There’s a Hole in the Bucket – The Airplane Ride – In the Woods – In the Woods – (sing-a-long) – Peep Squirrel – Do Your Ears Hang Low? – William He Had Seven Sons – The Old Woman and the Pig – Kitty Alone – There Was a Little Turtle – Johnny Works with One Hammer – I Met a Bear – I Met a Bear – (sing-a-long) – Au Clair de la Lune/Pierrot (In the Evening Moonlight) – A Pumpkin for Pie – Do, Do, Pity My Case – Momma, Buy Me a China Doll – Sea Lion – Sea Lion – (sing-a-long) – A Tisket, a Tasket – All ‘Round the Brickyard – Big Pig – Charlie Over the Ocean – Charlie Over the Ocean – (sing-a-long) – I Have Lost My Closet Key – Two Tall Telephone Poles – Did You Ever See a Lassie? – The Crabfish – These Are Mother’s Knives and Forks – The Minister’s Cat – Tongo (Polynesian) – Tongo (sing-a-long) – Grandma Grunts – The Wise Man – The Horse Stood Around – John The Rabbit – John the Rabbit – (sing-a-long) – Old Bald Eagle – Circle ‘Round the Zoo – Risseldy Rosseldy


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