Lomax, The Hound of Music: Favorite Songs (CD)


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by John Feierabend

Winner of the Parent’s Choice Award 2010!

Lomax, The Hound of Music, the acclaimed PBS Kids series based on John M. Feierabendís First Steps in Music series, breaks new ground with its great songs, engaging stories, and educational content.

This CD contains favorite songs from the first season of Lomaxóa terrific collection of folk tunes wonderfully performed by the top-tier musicians and characters who appear regularly on the program.

Join the music-obsessed pooch Lomax, his feline sidekick Delta, their human companion Amy, and their friends as they crisscross America on their tune-filled steam train, the ìMelody Hound Express,î tracking down and performing together the wonderful songs that form the heart of our diverse musical heritage.


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