Tapestry of Tales: 8 Musical Stories from Around the World


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by Cristi Cary Miller and Jennifer Bennett.

Folk tales come alive with sound and movement in this creative cross curricular resource perfect for the classroom or on stage. Renowned educator and clinician, Cristi Cary Miller provides instructive teaching tips on how to dramatize each of the 8 interactive stories which are enhanced with musical sound effects played by the students for added color and vision, and a meaningful moral behind each tale for all who participate and listen! A variety of reproducibles are included for ease in preparation and presentation, including the stories and sound effects using picture icons and original songs that accompany the stores, each complete with Orff/Piano arrangements. Add a fresh, new dimension to your curriculum this year with A TAPESTRY OF TALES.

Folk Tales as adapted by Jennifer Bennett include:

Apple Dumplings (English Folk Tale)

Why Bats Fly at Night (African Folk Legend)

The People Who Hugged Trees (Folk Tale from India)

The River Dragons (A Chinese Tale)

Turnip Soup (Russian Folk Tale)

Spider Stories (Jamaican Folk Tale)

The Love of Talwalpin and Kowinka (Australian Aboriginal Story)

The Raccoon and The Bee Tree (Native American Tale)

For Grades 1-6.


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