Strategies for Success: Building an Elementary Music Program


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by Jane Barbe.

This manual is designed as a supplemental resource for college methods classes, student teachers, new and veteran teachers alike. Your education courses provided the foundation for a successful career as an educator. This book provides essential strategies to apply that knowledge in your everyday teaching and addresses each aspect of creating and maintaining a successful music program.

The book includes developing lessons, preparing for concerts, planning your year, and classroom management, and passing out instruments. Teachers tend to be busy and often do not have time to read through pages of narrative, so these tips are written in outline form.

Supplemental materials are available on the Supplemental Resources Download Page including:

Full Orff scores for the songs included in this book

Blank page template for a lesson plan book

Charts, graphs, and images that can be downloaded and used in your presentation stations or interactive whiteboards.

Templates for Grant Letters, Thank You’s, Newsletter articles, and more.


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