Step Lively 2 (Book/CD)


Canadian Dance Favourites

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Here’s the second child in the Step Lively family, a collection of old and new dances that are favourites of dancers in Canada.

Many of these dances are widely known across the country, but are rarely seen in collections. Each dance includes a short history, with tips for successful teaching and many include musical notation.

Seven of the dances are suitable for primary grades, the rest are best done with intermediate grades, or adult or family groups.


1. Maple Leaf Stomp
2. Do Si Do Reel
3. Traffic Jam
4. John Kanakanaka
5. Coke the Floor
6. Czernobily
7. Sashay for Your Life
8. Kootenay Wobbler
9. Joys of Port McNeill
10. Spring in Duncan
11. Ruth in the Willow Tree
12. Grandmother’s Cabinet
13. Pride and Joy Polka
14. My Bonnie
15. Fifty Waltz

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