Songs, Rhythms & Chants for the Dance (CD)


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by Ella Jenkins

Ella Jenkins is joined by other vocalists and musicians to sing and play spirituals, chants, blues, folk songs, and instrumentals. Their cadenced rhythms and measured vocals inspire free-form movement, dance, and sing-alongs. The second part of the recording features excerpts from interviews in which dance professionals and students share their philosophies about dance as art, as therapy, and as a business. Discipline, hard work, and dedication are the main themes in these interviews.


A New Day’s Coming Soon

I Don’t Care Where You Bury My Body

Plenty Good Room

Brother John Sellers

A Bad Man from the Badlands

Angry Words

I Heard Him Cry This Morning

Please Hurry Home

That’s the Way Things Are

What’s the Matter with the Team?

A Vivo A Vavo

Hey Moo Ma Moo Ma Moo Ma Hey

I Climbed a Mountain

Africa Llamando (Africa Calling)

Yemayah, God of the Sea

This Is an Afro Mood

Yemayah, God of the Sea (instrumental)

This Is an Afro Mood (instrumental)

Let Yourself Go

A Long Time (instrumental)

Wading in the Water

Interview: Ann Barzel, dance reviewer

Interview: Jimmy Payne, choreographer, specialist in Afro-Cuban dance

Interview: Lenore Lutheran, dance student

Interview: Gina Martin, dance teacher of the blind

Interview: Genieve Fox, dance therapist

Interview: Dudley Williams, principal dancer

Interview: Ann Lehnoff, dance teacher of children

Interview: Ruth Page, choreographer and director of the Chicago Ballet

Interview: Lorenzo Young, dance company manager


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