Songs of Latin America (Book/CD)


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by Patricia Shehan Campbell and Ana LucÌa Frega.

This exciting cross-curricular book and CD set features 12 songs from Latin America, complete with beautiful compact disc recordings of native singers performing the pieces. The CD also features conventional performances of the same pieces, complete with classroom instrument accompaniments for each song. Also included are maps, cultural and musical information for each country, helpful lesson plans that integrate music and social studies, song translations, and phonetic pronunciations for Spanish and Portuguese lyrics. The book has the music for the song melodies as well as the classroom arrangements for Orff instruments. A wonderful multicultural book for every music classroom!

Songs included:

  • Chacarera (Argentina)
  • Viva Mi Patria Bolivia (Bolivia)
  • Bambu (Brazil)
  • Cajueiro Pequenino (Brazil)
  • El Rabel (Chile)
  • Ma Teodora (Cuba)
  • Tamborcita (Guatemala)
  • El Barreno (Guatemala0
  • Adelita (Mexico)
  • De Colores (Mexico)
  • Arroz con Leche (Puerto Rico)
  • Llego Diciembre (Venezuela)


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