Simple Folk Dances (CD)


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Traditional folk dances that are slow, repetitive and contain the basic coordination skills children need to develop. The techniques are motivating and easily adaptable for use by classroom teachers, special education specialists, and physical education teachers. Guide included.

AGES: 4 to 8

Song List:

Narration & Music

1. Danish Dance of Greeting

2. How Do You Do My Partner?

3. Children’s Polka

4. Shoemaker’s Dance

5. I See You, Peek A Boo

6. Hansel and Gretel

7. Chimes of Dunkirk

8. Bleking

9. Swedish Clap Dance

Instrumental Only

10. Danish Dance of Greeting

11. How Do You Do My Partner?

12. Children’s Polka

13. Shoemaker’s Dance

14. I See You, Peek A Boo

15. Hansel and Gretel

16. Chimes of Dunkirk

17. Bleking

18. Swedish Clap Dance


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