Children’s Folk Dances (CD)


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A cross-cultural collection of popular and unique folk dances covers the world from America to Scotland, Korea, Russia, Switzerland and other countries. Extend the curriculum with dances and creative play. Guide with lyrics and instructions.

Song List:

1. Polly Wolly Doodle

2. Walking Song

3. Go Round & Round the Village

4. Jump Jim Jo

5. Mi Jachol Lassim

6. Sma Grodorna

7. Unite Unite/Hobby Horse Parade

8. The French Musician

9. Where, Oh Where

10. Schottische

11. Troika

12. Everyone Likes Calypso

13. Ulili E

14. Cielito Lindo

15. Goodbye, Mrs. Durkin

16. Sur Le Pont D’Avignon

17. Die Hammerschiedsgesellen

18. Tarantella Doll

19. Carousel

20. Fado

21. Tant Hessie


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