Best of Shenanigans’ Dance Music 1 (CD/Booklet)


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Children’s Dances of Terra del Zur by Shenanigans.

This popular Australian folk dance band, led by Gary King, offers authentic folk dance from around the world. Their music and dances have spread throughout the US, largely due to their regular presentations at AOSA conferences. The booklet contains dance directions.

Dances included:

Koori Dreamtime (Australian)

Highway Number One (Australian)

The Longer the Faster (Dutch)

Simi Yadech (Israeli)

Little Bird Dance (Italian)

La Raspa (Mexican Hat Dance, Italian Version)

Pinon Pinon (Portuguese)

Indo Eu (Portuguese)

Shoemakers Dance (Polish)

Cross Dance (Polish)

Seven Jumps (Danish)

Minoesjka (Russian)

Rada Pere (Macedonian)

Boanopstekker (Dutch)

Kings March (Dutch)

Lou Pripet (French Capetmakers’ Dance)

Bear Dance (French)

Chimes of Dunkirk (French)

Syncopated Cyril (Australian)

I Want to Be Near You (English)

Hokey Pokey (International)


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