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by Barb Philipak; New Levels & New Music arranged by Paul Jennings

A Highly Motivational Method For Young Players

The Music – This new volume has lots more music, sequenced by difficulty and designed to be played in a belt-testing environment. The selections are divided into several logical sections. Here are the basics with information on some of the music included:

Review/Sequencing – Addressing the teaching sequence in the first volume of Recorder Karate and providing options for tune substitution in both volumes, this section includes: Doggie Doggie, Four In A Boat, Arirang, Red River Valley, and The Water Is Wide.

Black Belt Degrees – Nine new arrangements, carefully sequenced with gradually more difficult technical challenges, including: The Wedding March (Wagner), Old Joe Clark, On Top of Old Smoky, Can Can, America (My Country ‘Tis Of Thee), Polly Wolly Doodle, I’ve Been Working On The Railroad, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

Advanced Music Beyond The Nine Black Belts – To provide substitution options and additional levels for more advanced players, including: Buffalo Gals, Aura Lee, Home On The Range, Rocky Mountain, Renaissance Dance (Susato), Largo from New World Symphony, and Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

Seasonal Music – New arrangements for holiday performance within the method style, all arranged with testing lengths, including: Jingle Bells, We Three Kings, and Shalom Chaverim (which also includes a round version).

Concert Selections – As with the first volume of Recorder Karate, longer concert settings of some songs within the method, including an optional duet setting of The Water Is Wide, and a theme and variations on Four In A Boat.

The music is all fully orchestrated, and includes folk songs, classical works, old favorites, and tunes from around the world.

– A Teacher’s Handbook Full of Goodies – The Teacher’s Handbook brings together all of the creative teaching ideas that Barb has developed over the years using Recorder Karate in her classroom and in workshops with other teachers. Among the many things covered in the text of this indispensable book are sections, often with worksheets, on:

Common Problems and How To Fix Them

Classroom Management/Testing Survival

Using Recorder Karate with the National Standards

Working With Special Needs Students

Anchor Sheets and Exit Slips (with downloadable examples)

Dojo Groups

– MIDI files and More Extras – One of several exclusive extras bundled with this product are MIDI files for each tune so that you can use the music at any tempo you like. Also included are reproducible/projectable charts and worksheets including:

How to practice and Weekly Recorder Practice sheets

Rubric for testing; Rubric for video testing

Quizzes on counting and fingering

Worksheets on things like F vs. F#, high C vs. low C, and other similar challenges

In addition, your students to practice with the tracks at

Also note that while the Teacher’s Handbook includes student pages that can be legally reproduced, we also offer individual soft cover Student Editions at a reasonable price that keeps your budget in mind and saves you time at the photocopier.

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