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by Roger Sams and Beth Ann Hepburn.

Edited by Jill Trinka.

“Purposeful Pathways: Possibilities for the Elementary Music Room, Book 2” is an extensive collection of developmentally sequenced lessons for learning about music by making music. This collection incorporates strategies from Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Kodaly and Orff Schulwerk. Each of the 36 lessons included is actually a collection of lessons or pathways, giving teachers many choices for how to work with the material. The possibilities in this book can be selected and shaped to work effectively in diverse situations. The teacher chooses which pathways will be explored and in what sequence they will be used. This flexible design makes this resource helpful to all teachers, first-year to seasoned educators!

  • Book 2 comes with a CD-ROM of PDF files of hands-on manipulatives to be reproduced for classroom use.
  • Electronic visuals (SMART Notebook files, which can be used even if you don’t use a SMART Board with free downloadable software) are available on the companion CD-ROM as an optional additional purchase.  This CD-ROM companion to “Purposeful Pathways: Possibilities for the Elementary Music Classroom, Book 2” contains three formats: Microsoft® PowerPoint®, SMART Notebook™, and Promethean ActivInspire.

Rhythmic concepts covered in Book 2 include:
steady beat, quarter note, quarter rest, two eighth notes, half note, half rest, dotted half note, whole note, whole rest, sixteenth notes

Pitch inventory covered in Book 2:
do, re, mi, so, la, do’

The King’s Land
Little Robin Redbreast
Witch, Witch
I See the Moon
Hipperty, Clipperty, Clackerty, Bang
Closet Key
Frog in the Meadow
Hop Old Squirrel
Queen, Queen Caroline
Christopher Crump
Needle and Thread
Who’s That Tapping on My Window?
Let Us Chase the Squirrel
El Zapatero
I’m Gonna Sing
Old Blue
Old Mother Brown
Bow Wow Wow
Here Comes a Bluebird
I’m an Acorn
Winter Walking
Synthesis and Assimilation #1
Rocky Mountain
Great Big House
Whenever I Go Out to Walk
Deta, Deta
Synthesis and Assimilation #2
Fais Dodo
Chick, Chick, Chatterman
Piccadilly Travel
Sixteenth Note Percussion
Morning Bells
Little Tommy Tinker

Purposeful Pathways is endorsed by leading experts in all three pedagogical approaches utilized. Here’s what the experts are saying:

“What a pleasure to look through the latest collection in the Purposeful Pathway series! Roger Sams and BethAnn Hepburn, two noted music educators, have assembled a collection of teaching materials that incorporate important concepts and skills from the educational doctrines of Carl Orff (1895-1982), Zoltan Kodaly (1882-1967) and Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (1865-1950) and have fused them into a cohesive approach to teaching musical literacy in elementary music classrooms. The detailed teaching processes outlined in the edition are sure to provide secure guidance to those teachers just beginning their careers in music education as well as offer models that experienced educators can emulate.


Perhaps most valuable is the ëstraight talkí that Roger and BethAnn provide in the Teacher Talk sections of Purposeful Pathways. The distilled knowledge and advice found in these panels reflects the cumulative wisdom of many years of working with both children and adults in music education.


I particularly enjoyed the attractive color scheme used in laying out the materials as well as the access to digital Smart technology images that enliven the lessons. They reflect the planning and thought that have gone into all aspects of the Purposeful Pathways series. This is a collection that exudes quality at all times; a welcome addition to music education source materials for children.”

-Steven Calantropio, Orff Schulwerk Master Teacher
Author/Composer, “Pieces and Processes”

“Roger Sams and Beth Ann Hepburn have done it again: Purposeful Pathways 2 continues, with its varied lesson plans, to lead students to rhythmic and melodic literacy through long-term sequencing. With PATHWAYS to movement, vocal exploration, musical play, improvisation, Orff instrument technique, composition, recorder technique, diction, storytelling, meter, transposition, choreography, and ensemble skills, this collection of time-tested teaching ideas will keep students and teachers alike moving, singing, and playing on their way to musical understanding. The inclusion of songs in various languages, as well as colorful and clear graphics, makes this a stand out collection for elementary music educators. New to this second book, visuals being offered with the SMART Notebook collection now include staff placement only for those who are strong at teaching staff literacy and optional solfa syllables offered in support of staff reading for those newer to the concept ñ a brilliant addition to support music teachers of all experience levels. Everyone who follows these pathways will traverse directly through joy on their way to music literacy!”

-Georgia A. Newlin, DMA, Assistant Professor of Music, Adelphi University
Past President, Organization of American Kod·ly Educators

“This rich, innovative resource for elementary general music teachers expertly blends the approaches of Orff, Kod·ly, and Dalcroze in a user-friendly, authentic format. Meaningful activities focusing on singing, playing instruments, music literacy, creativity, improvisation, composition, and movement are presented to help the music teacher create sequential, cohesive lessons. As a Dalcroze eurhythmics instructor, it was important to see numerous eurhythmics concepts and games such as quick reaction exercises, mirroring activities, and interrupted/uninterrupted canons included and clearly explained.


The authors’ attention to detail make this a must have book for new music teachers as well as an important resource for those teachers looking for more materials employing the various music education approaches. This comprehensive, holistic resource book serves the musical needs of our students and challenges us as music educators to continually seek new ways of strengthening our curriculum.”

-Marla Butke, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Music, Ashland University
Past President, Dalcroze Society of America

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  1. Alison

    I love Purposeful Pathways! I’ve been using Book 2 a lot with my 2nd and 3rd graders and love how many activity options there are for each song. I can pick and choose what I want to focus on for each class. The integrated improvisation pathways give so many musical opportunities for my students to explore and since many of the activities are similar throughout the book, after a procedure is set, they can adapt to any song.

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