Preschool Aerobic Fun (CD)


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This classic Kimbo title has long been valued for activities that help pave the way to aerobic fitness skills. Warm-ups, stretches, activities and cool-down. Includes songs without narration too which can be used for creative play.

Guide with lyrics and activities.

AGES: 3 to 6

Song List:


1. Wake Up, Warm Up

2. Hot Diggity

3. Movin’ Every Day

4. Finger Poppin’

5. B B B Bounce

6. Chug a Long Choo Choo

7. Run Run Run in Place

8. Tiptoe Cool Down

9. Slow Stretching


10. Consider Yourself

11. Marching Along Together

12. High Hopes

13. Bunny Hop

14. Alley Cat

15. The Farmer in the Dell

16. When You Wish Upon A Star

17. Toora-Loora-Loora


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