World of Parachute Play, A (CD)


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This popular CD features songs from around the world and unique parachute activities that reflect the culture of the country. Guide with lyrics and instructions.

AGES: 4 to 8

Song List:

1. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

2. Hakuna Matata

3. Macarena

4. In Munchen Steht

5. Casatchok

6. Hava Nagila

7. Tumbalalaika

8. La Luna Mezzu O Mari

9. Chinese New Year

10. When the Saints Go Marching In

11. Unicorn – Galloping

12. Hoki Hoki/Nga Waka

13. Skaters’ Waltz

14. Star Trek

15. Amigos Para Siempre


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