My First Grade Music Book


by Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson


Intended to be used as a workbook for childrenCorrelates with An American Methodology (item 839409). The teacher is encouraged to use additional songs and activities to enhance reading and writing skills. The book is written sequentially, but the teacher should feel free to change the order of the pages to suit the needs of the classroom. Covers rhythmic elements of beat, rhythm, ta, ti-ti and ta-rest, and two-beat meter; melodic elements of so and mi, and la in a so-la-so-mi pattern. Part of the series of five sequential workbooks, based on American folksongs and children’s rhymes.

Sheets may be used as masters for transparencies, individual worksheets, or may be bound in book form as a workbook for each student – the material comes as loose pages inside a packet, and is copy-permissible (for educational purposes) to the purchaser of the workbook.

Songs: All Around the Buttercup, Bobby Shaftoe, Bounce High Bounce Low, Bow Wow Wow, Cobbler Cobbler, Cocky Robin, Doggie Doggie, Here Comes a Bluebird, Hot Cross Buns, Lemonade, Little Sally Water, Lucy Locket, Naughty Pussycat, Plainsies Clapsies, Rain Rain, Ring Around the Rosie, Snail Snail, Starlight Star Bright, This Old Man.

Nursery Rhymes: Bee Bee Bumblebee, Engine Engine #9, Pease Porridge Hot, Queen Queen Caroline.


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