Music Basketball


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by Cathy Blair.

Learning core music concepts has never been as funóor as effectiveóas it will be once you tip-off a game of ìMusic Basketball!î This team game is all about teaching what the elements of music sound like. The companion CD includes more than 100 audio examples that will be used during game play. In the first quarter, students will listen and describe melodic direction, in the second, itís terms, including dynamics, accents, forms, and ensembles. The third quarter is all about indentifying instruments, and students will perform rhythms in the fourth. If overtime is required (or you want to change the focus of one of the other quarters) music styles will decide the game. Thanks to more than 50 sturdy flashcards on brightly colored cardstock, you can offer multiple-choice options, or not, if you want to make it a challenge for older students. Itís up from behind the arcÖand itís definitely good!

Grades 3-6.


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