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A Collection of Creative Songs for Movement by Teresa Jennings and John Riggio.

Everyone knows that kids love to move, dance, jump, and wiggle. And combining all that energy with music is a really great idea. This collection of songs from the pages of Music K-8 magazine will have you and your students moving to the music!

Move To The Music! includes:

Jump! – This high energy tune might be just what you’re looking for to get your students on their feet and moving! The melody, form, and lyrics are deliberately simple and repetitive so that they don’t get in the way of the action. Use this song just in music class, or as a good across-the-curriculum focus for healthy, aerobic activity.

I’m So Glad To Be Here! – Infectious and easy to sing, "I’m So Glad To Be Here!" is the type of tune that has kids wanting to sing it over and over… which also makes it a great way to start a rehearsal or the school year. Of course, the best part of this song for your performers will be the movement they get to do during the chorus each time.

More Than A Muscle – Here’s a lighthearted country tune that can be used for Valentine’s Day or any time you like. Besides the humorous lyrics, the real fun of this piece is the movement. There are suggestions for poses or actions right on the music, and plenty of room to make up your own. Your students are sure to enjoy this one.

Rockhopper – These penguins are a lot of fun in person and even more so in song. John Riggio’s rockin’ salute to these feisty fowl is enough to convince anyone that they are out there on the ice playing guitar. This is rock with attitude! You’ll soon see why this great tune was such a favorite of the kids who performed it. As a special bonus, the Performance/Accompaniment CD for this collection includes a one minute QuickTime├┤ movie that features some terrific movement ideas for this song.

Salsa Pie! – This spicy, Latin tune is one of those "just for the fun of it" songs you just have to do every now and then. Short, very simple, and very repetitious, it gives your students the chance to sing out and move around.

Vine Dance – Nylon guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, and 12-string guitar combine to make this lighthearted country folk song about pumpkins and vines just lovely. The pleasant and singable melody is quickly learned, so students will have plenty of time to work on their "vine dance." (Don’t worry, line dancing instructions and a glossary are included!)

Tippy Toes – Everyone needs a fun song to lighten up every once in awhile. This silly rock tune is just the thing. And as a bonus for busy teachers, we’ve included the choreography right in the lyrics. Let your students move around, make silly sounds, and just have fun with this one.

Zebra Zydeco – This lively tune features a zebra who likes to dance to zydeco music. The melody is very simple and repetitive, so the song should be within reach of most classes. It is also a great introduction to zydeco music. On the Performance/Accompaniment CD your students can hear the instrumentation common to this music from southern Louisiana.


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