Singing Games Children Love 3 (Book/CD)


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Compiled by Denise Gagne.

Singing Games Children Love Volume 3 has more than 50 singing games that preK – Grade 3 children love to sing and play. A variety of singing games and activities are included: warmups and openers, traditional singing games from North America and from around the world, original singing games and games for special days. There are clap games, chase games, passing games, guessing games and line games. The games are organized into three sections: Openers and Warmups, Games For Special Days, Games Around the World, and games organized by melodic concept. This is a useful collection for the teacher looking for activities to reinforce student’s music reading abilities and for a game to enhance themes, seasons or integrated learning.

This collection includes a PowerPoint with all the songs ready to project on your Smartboard or screen. The songs are indexed to make it easy to click to the specific song that you want to teach.


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