More Pandemonium! (Book/CD)


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Three Exciting Caribbean Songs for Orff Instruments by Deborah Fischer Teason.

Your students will go wild over these three exciting arrangements of Caribbean pieces in steel band style for your Orff instrument ensembles – no pans needed!

Artfully arranged by Deborah Teason, the author of Pandemonium Rules! – Orff Instrument Arrangements of Steel Band Music, these are perfect "fakes." Deborah is a composer, music educator and member of Pandemonium Steel Band. She knows how to put the parts together to fool your audience’s ear into thinking they are hearing a steel band with all pans ringing!

Add these lively pieces to the three in Pandemonium Rules and you are ready for a "Panorama" celebration missing nothing but the pans!

The 8.5" x 11" booklet includes:

Easy-to-use format

Copy-OK scores for group use

Full scores including lyrics for "Monkey Jawbone," "Papaya Juice," and "Mango Walk"

Detailed teaching and performance suggestions

Copy-OK display and rehearsal charts for rhythm, melody, harmony and bass parts of each tune

The companion audio CD includes:

A demo performance of each piece


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