Let Your Voice Be Heard! – Songs From Ghana & Zimbabwe (Book/CD)


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by Abraham Kobena Adzenyah (Ghana), Dumisani Maraire (Zimbabwe), and Judith Cook Tucker (USA).

A classic, now in a beautifully redesigned, user-friendly 10th Anniversary Edition! Here is a unique collaboration between two outstanding African master musicians and their American student, a multicultural music specialist.

This lively collection includes 19 game songs, story songs, and richly textured multipart songs from the vocal traditions of the Akan people of Ghana and the Shona of Zimbabwe. These vibrant songs and stories stress the importance of active, responsible participation in society. Full, exuberant participation is also the norm in African music-making, where everyone is invited to take part in creating a unified voice that resonates with the spirit of community.

“This music is offered in friendship to all people. Black, white, yellow, red, or brown, our bonds grow stronger when we let our voices be heard!” (from the Introduction)This book-audio set includes:

Authentic arrangements in unison, 2, 3, and 4 parts, many with percussion

19 Full-size, reproducible musical transcriptions

In-depth cultural context, performance suggestions and game directions

Rock passing, stick, name and hand game songs

Story songs told by Dumisani Maraire, each with a reproducible printed version of the narrative and song

Songs in original language with phonetic pronunciation and full translation

Maps; historical and geographical information

Numerous photos of musicians, instruments and the countryside

Illustrations include stamps and money from Ghana and Zimbabwe


Annotated Bibliography

The companion audio CD features every song and percussion ensemble in the book, with pronunciation where appropriate, and both studio and field recordings.



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