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Mad MeasuresSight-reading Game for Recorder By Nancy OttoInteractive CD-ROM with Print and Play optionGrades 3-6
Inspired by the “poison” rhythm game, the goal of Mad Measures is to reinforce and increase your students’ ability to read and play notes on the treble clef staff. Each level includes 24 different measures using the following notes:
Level 1: B, ALevel 2: B, A, GLevel 3: B, A, G, ELevel 4: B, A, G, E, DLevel 5: C, B, A, GLevel 6: D, C, B, A, GLevel 7: D, C, B, A, G, E, D
The order in which the measures appear can be easily changed in both the PowerPoint and Print and Play versions of this game.
Though it was written with recorders in mind, this game works well with any melodic instrument, or as a basic note recognition activity.


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